Terravest Announces Increased Investment in Green Energy Services

TORONTO, ONTARIO (November 8th, 2021) – TerraVest Industries Inc., (TSX: TVK) (“TerraVest” or the “Company”) announces today that it has acquired an additional 6,202,740 shares in Green Energy Services (“GES”). With this acquisition Terravest now owns 66.8% of the outstanding shares of GES.

“Green Energy is a great business with a great management team. We have watched the company grow as a minority shareholder and are very excited for this opportunity to partner with the management team and take a bigger role in its success.” commented Dustin Haw, President and Chief Executive Officer.

GES, operating under the name Fraction Energy Services, is an industry leader in water management and environmental solutions. The Doig River First Nation “DRFN” is an equitable partner in GES. Ken Wagner, President and CEO commented “We are extremely excited to have Terravest as our largest partner. They will further advance our ability to be a leader in the water management space and help us achieve our ESG Goals with their best-in-class manufacturing and engineering groups.”

TerraVest acquired the shares of GES using its existing credit facilities and the issuance of TerraVest shares.

Dustin Haw
TerraVest Industries Inc.
Chief Executive Officer
(416) 855-1928

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